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Since finishing my MA at Wimbledon School of Art in 2005, I have gone through several different artist phases and I have recently returned to my first passion, linocut printing. There is no CTRL Z to undo mistakes, no second chances. Linocut forces me to fully commit to each mark I make to the block.

The process is one which is honest and unembellished, it strips away any unnecessary layers of affectation which I may have previously relied on and I believe that this current series of work is my best to date and my most authentic.

As a lifelong Leicester City fan, I was inspired by the team’s recent sporting success. I wanted to make a portrait of Claudio Ranieri which captured a moment of thoughtful contemplation by a master tactician during a game, rather than the typical bluster and pumping clenched fists associated with sports portraiture.

I would consider portraiture to be the current focus of my work, which is something that I have not really delved into before. For this body of work, I draw my influences from a wide variety of artists and mediums. I especially love the exuberant nature of German Expressionism printmaking and the black and white photography of Daido Moriyama and Ed van der Elsken.

In the making of these portraits I have re-ignited my love for printmaking and I am looking forward to seeing how my work develops further over the next year.


I studied BA (hons) Fine Art at De Montfort University (Leicester) where I decided to specialised in printmaking.

After graduating I then went on to study at Wimbledon School of Art where I gained an MA in Fine Art Printmaking in 2005.